Sunday, December 21, 2008

China - Part 1

Ni hao (hello). It's good to be back. I've noticed that there have been some remarks made towards my last post. I don't want to add much to it. In short, I know what I did and didn't do. That's all. Silence speaks a thousand words. Lantak la orang nak cakap apa.

Anyway, I'm back now. Alhamdulillah. It was quite a good trip, though I didn't quite enjoy it as much as I did during my holiday in Langkawi back in May. Nevertheless, I've seen and experienced a lot of things in China. It will be another experience in life that I will treasure. I am not really in the mood to tell it all at this juncture but I am attaching some of the photos taken there for my friends' viewing. Let the photos tell you the story :


*Pudong Airport, Shanghai. Departed KLIA at 1.40am and arrived in Shanghai at about 6.30 am. There is no time difference between these two countries. My first time setting foot on Chinese soil and it was freaking cold (range between -6 to 6 degree celsius). With very basic knowledge in Mandarin (e.g. xie xie (thank you), zai jian (goodbye), bu keqi (you're welcome), bu yao (don't want), duibuqi (sorry), wo yao jiu cesuo (I want to go to toilet) etc.), I was looking forward to the tour at this point of time.

*upon arrival, we headed to the "Bund" (the famous waterfront in Shanghai). Boleh nampak Shanghai World Trade Centre, Shanghai TV Tower and other skyscrapers yg dipisahkan oleh Huanpu River. In short, the skyscrapers represent how ambitious the Chinese government is to turn China into a developed country. Semuanya out of the world punya design. As a result of the massive construction and flyover yang sampai 5 tingkat, it was dusty here. Duduk sini boleh pendek umur rasanya.

*opposite the "Bund" was the "Bank Street". Semua bangunan colonial peninggalan orang putih diduduki oleh bank2 terkemuka di China (either local or foreign banks). At this place also, cheq di-approached oleh a group of local girls yang fascinated with our "alien" faces. Mula2 ingat nak suruh ambik gambaq dia, rupa2nya depa nak ambik gambaq dengan cheq. Penuh ni kiri kanan diapit oleh not so gorgeous looking girls (hiks.....). I was wondering, cheq ni celebrity ka? Nothing of me resembles Justin Timberlake or even Andy Lau. Heran...... (!!!???)

*posing jap kat mailbox depan a local muslim restaurant after lunch.

*2nd day in Shanghai, shopping trip to the famous Nanjing Street. As it was on sunday, berpuluh ribu orang keluar shopping at that time. Gila akak barb punya ramai orang. That street cuma punya kedai2 & mall yang ada nama. Tapi kat alley2 tu ada kedai2 kecik yang penuh dengan penipuan. The trick is to get someone (normally a female accomplice to attract tourists like us with "Hello sir, you want bag? watch?? iPod?? iPhone??" (of course, in a very bad English sampai tak paham dia cakap apa). Pastu ajak pi ke kedai dia and once you enter, the door akan dilock and a whole bunch of gangster-like guys ugut you beli something not worth buying. Luckily, I didn't get into the trap tapi one of us dipaksa beli imitation iPhone yang tak elok langsung for 1200 yuan. A tip for you guys the next time you go there.

SUZHOU (pronounced Su-Cho)

*we left Shanghai on the 2nd day in China by bus. After a 2-hour journey, sampai la kat Suzhou and it was already dark at 6 pm. Personally, I prefer this city which was well-planned and organised. It was like visiting Putrajaya tapi kat China. Industrial area pun businessmen from Singapore yang helped to develop once upon a time.

*photos taken from the government owned silk factory. I bought the kungfu master shirt I long for all this while. I've talked to my darling before of getting this shirt tapi tak sangka sampai ke China pulak dapat belinya. Yang penting it's pure silk. Meletop......... (pic not included).

*photos taken along the canals kat Suzhou. It is famous for its man-made canals and it was once called Little Venice of the East. So romantica de amour ibarat kater naik gondola along these canals waktu2 winter macam ni. Kecut telor siot....... I'm not joking. Kena search for "it" kalau pi toilet. Kecut segals........ ibarat kater.

*Surging Waves Pavillion was built in 1044 AD and the garden is the oldest classical garden in Suzhou. I am not much into gardens, so tak pandai sangat nak appreciate this place. Cheq hanya tengok batu2 laut yang tua diletak dalam garden ni and old chinese houses yang mencecah berabad usianya. Look see look see and snappy snappy sajork. Next.....!!!!

*being in the same species as Panda, cheq gian nak tokak batang buluh ni. So serene sangat kat sini. Someone mentioned macam dalam video clip Atilia - Sangkar. Ya ka...??

*merenung luar jendela teringat orang jauh...................

*lost in Suzhou (and translation).

*leaving Suzhou at 8.30 pm for Beijing on the Night Soft Sleeper Train. Kena pulak share dengan 2 local people, sorang jants dan sorang betins. Macam ayam dan itik, aku tengok kau, kau tengok aku. In the end, dengaq iPod dan terus ke wonderland. Excuse me for the snoring........ what an experience. (Note : I love this photo walaupun gelap. The image nampak unique)

** bersambung in China - Part 2


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