Monday, January 26, 2009

Xing Nien Quai Le

I am currently spending my long holiday at kampung in Kedah. Taking a good break away from work and KL. Di kesempatan ini cheq nak ucapkan pada friends and family, A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR. May years to come bring good fortune and happiness to all of you.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

China - Part 3

Salut. Terlebih dulu cheq nak ucapkan selamat tahun baru, masehi dan hijrah. Maaf ye cheq dah lama tak update blog ni. Dah bersarang pun. I've been busy with work and personal matters. A lot of things happened to me for the past few weeks, either good or bad. All I can say is, I'm a lot happier now, walaupun schedule untuk year 2009 agak menakutkan. Tapi cheq tak ambik pot sangat. One thing at a time..... I'll manage.

Jom sambung tengok gambar2 from China's trip.

*This is the Imperial Summer Palace where the Emperor spent most of his time during summer. Tempat ni cantik sangat, walaupun tak sebesar The Forbidden City. Kalau you all semua pernah tengok film The Last Emperor, you all akan tahu macamana permaisuri China membesarkan anak dia (pewaris takhta) di istana ni. She spent her time at this palace and had an illicit affair with her bodyguard. Cheq dah lupa citer tu macamana but this film won an Oscar for Best Film back in the late 80s or early 90s (tak ingat). Must get the DVD soon.

*this man-made lake kat Imperial Summer Palace ni agak menakjubkan. Cantik sangat. Time cheq sampai situ, the surface dah membeku tapi they all pecahkan sikit untuk dapatkan oksigen for the fish yang hidup dalam tasik ni.

*cheq fascinated dengan tulisan yang orang dok tulis kat pavement tepi tasik tadi. They all guna brush sebesar penyapu but yet the writing was so neat. The ink used was washable. Entah apa yang ditulis. I'd guess it was a poem. I need an interpreter here.

*Beijing's latest landmark. The Birdnest Stadium and its Olympic Sports Complex. The area was so big and spacious. Ala2 beribu kereta boleh park at this area. Boleh dikatakan dia 5 kali lebih luas than Kompleks Sukan Bukit Jalil. Penat kami berjalan from on spot to another. Very impressive indeed.

*pandangan dalam sebuah masjid di Beijing. From outside, tak nampak macam masjid pun sebab most masjid kat Beijing tadak kubah. Sorry to say, it looked more like a chinese temple than a mosque. Tapi hiasan dalaman dia, very unique. Chinese architecture masih dikekalkan.

*the end of the trip. After spending 7 days in China, it was time to say goodbye. Penat jugak sebab 7 days packed with tour activities. Pi sana sini, cuma malam saja tidoq kesejukan dalam bilik. Heater pun tak terasa warm sangat, kulit extremely dry and the weather outside was also extremely cold. Nak shopping pun penat jugak tawar menawar kalau tak nak kena tipu hidup2 dengan overly-priced goods. However, I quite enjoyed the trip and hope to come back in future. Maybe to some other places in China. Like I always said in the past, there's no better place than home.

*Beijing City International Airport. My luggage kena selungkar dengan airport security sebab masa x-ray ada nampak image tajam2 (manicure sets yang cheq beli banyak2 utk my sisters and friends). After waiting for about 2 hours, we departed and landed at KLIA at about 11.45 pm. KL Express pun dah habis service and my luggage "lost" for a few minutes. When I was just about to sign the report for loss luggage, my trolley bag suddenly appeared from nowhere. Memangla choi sangat hari tu. Tapi Alhamdulillah sebab cheq selamat sampai dan able to tell you the experience here.